Tips And Tricks to possess a secure Mehndi operate For Intimate Weddings!

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Tips And Tricks to possess a secure Mehndi operate

Who says you'll’t have a mehndi function, simply because you're having a internment we have a tendency todding? Weddings are a cheerful day that is supposed to be celebrated.

whereas we are still battling a health crisis, it’s necessary to follow all the security protocols and norms that are mandated by the government. thus all you brides-to-be, as long as you follow them, you can have fun.

Here’s a fast orient the way to have a secure and full-of-life mehendi ceremony!

Strictly follow the guest list

Indian weddings have forever been famous to ask each potential person you recognize to the wedding. however with the govt mandate of fifty folks solely, make sure that you permit only 50 people to your mehendi ceremony as well as your own family. Communicate that to the guests additionally in order that they don’t get any and ones to your event.

Choose a place closer to home (or home)!

Opt for mehndi perform venues that are getting ready to your house or will even be the terrace/lawns of your home. this can make sure that you have got management over the hygiene and cleansing of the venue. Check out these concepts on wherever to host intimate wedding events

Guest hygiene

Even if she is your sagi chachi, she has got to wear a mask! Don’t jilting of quarantine measures simply because they're shut relatives. Have sanitizers everywhere the venue and conjointly further disposable masks for guests who arrive while not one. It’s vital to prioritise health measures higher than all!

DIY decoration

The decoration of your mehendi ceremony can be done at home by yourself! Get inspiration from this couple who made all of their decor at home.

Make sure your mehendi artist follows health procedures

This is important, your mehendi artists will be in close contact with you and your guests for hours. It is important that they regularly disinfect their hands, wear gloves and masks, and practice social distancing whenever possible. Looking for a mehendi artist? Check out our fantastic mehendi artist suppliers here.

Say yes to technology

Without interesting music and dancing, there would be no mehndi function. Say no to Dhol-Walam and the band, and say "yes" to the music being played on the music system. In this way, you can minimize the impact on more people while reducing costs.

Go for minimal designs

Who says minimal mehendi designs are boring? Opt for fun quarantined mehndi designs that are smaller and faster to run so that you don't have to sit for a long time and also have to follow all quarantine measures.

Change mehendi for tattoos

Don't you want to include too many people you don't know for your mehendi ceremony? Go for mehendi tattoos instead. Let a bride mehendi artist turn you into a bride mehendi and then have fun with self-applied henna tattoos for your guests. That way, less exposure + mehendi!

Follow Quarantine live For Food

For food without lips, Indian methods are not perfect, but remember to maintain good hygiene habits when eating and eating. Choose raw foods instead of raw salads and lamb. It is usually transmitted.